A Selenium RC Framework

The Universal Test Framework is a shared, common test automation framework built on the acclaimed Selenium RC platform.

The Universal Test Framework is written in Java and accessed via Eclipse. It has a user interface that allows testers to write executable test specifications directly in MS Excel or any similar spreadsheet package.

The user manual for the Universal Test Framework will take you through its installation (via SourceForge), configuration, execution and development.

The entire framework is available free under an Open Source license. It is assumed you have read and agreed to its terms before you install and use the Universal Test Framework.

The following video have been produced to complement the user manual. They are previewed here. They come with the install and will be easier to view directly in QuickTime. You will need flash to play them here.

The first video covers the install from Sourceforge using Eclipse.

The second video shows how you can export tests recorded through the Selenium IDE into the Universal Test Framework.

Both video have audio.